Duena is the author of the book “Emotional Banking: Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands”. She is a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur, a mentor for start-ups, a LinkedIn Top Voice, named an industry influencer in most lists, a Forbes contributor, a blogger with cutting-edge, unconventional and unapologetic opinion style, an international keynote speaker at industry events, the inventor of the EmotionalBanking™ and MoneyMoments concepts and the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleNotTech Ltd – a software solution provider revolutionizing the organizations of companies that need to use technology and new ways of work.

Over the past 15 years, Duena has worked with multiple Tier 1 organizations in particular banks be it to assist them in their digital strategy or to help them transform. With a background in Psychology as well as Business, Duena is on a crusade to see lasting, meaningful and profound change in the way organizations work. In banks’ case this means she is intensely passionate about getting them to embrace the concept of “Emotional Banking” -or how to redesign around Money Moments not financial products- but is chiefly working with various organisations on deep cultural change programs that enable them to become true technology driven, leverage Agile and put Experience at the heart of the proposition to build strong brands that deliver by focusing on their people.

Duena delivers different, entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking keynotes internationally and occasionally leads panels and fireside chats on topics ranging from FinTech, Digital, CX and Innovation to the bigger themes of the Future of Work, Technology and Agile as they reflect in Employees Engagement and Organizational Psychology and Design and has a strong following of 25k on Twitter and 140k people on LinkedIn.

Cover of book Emotional Banking - Fixing Culture, Leveraging Fintech, and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands by Duena Blomstrom
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“Duena always has new, fresh and thought provoking content!”

“We had Duena as our Keynote Speaker twice – there was never a bored face in the audience and the feedback reflected that”

“Both chairing a panel and as a keynote speaker, Duena has delivered. Delegates came interested and left fascinated. Looking forward to working together again.”

“Our board had executive briefing fatigue and we searched for the most innovative content and most comprehensive expertise packaged in a dynamic way which is what we found with Duena Blomstrom’s presentation.”



  • “How to put Emotion back in Banking and create true Money Moments™”
  • “Emotional Banking™- Financial institutions need to investigate customers’ feelings about their money and they need to do it NOW”
  • “FinTech – not the cure-all it says on the box”
  • ”Everyone is a Challenger when you’re a bank” – GAFA, digital experiences, Open banking and the unhappy consumer


  • “Wake up or rest in peace” – Companies winning today use technology and work in different new ways that make them money and their employees happy. Everyone else is still in the 60s structure of paper pushing offices. Change or face extinction.
  • “You can’t have WoW without the WoT – Succeed with Agile only if you change mentalities”
  • “Agile as a religion not a re-org exercise”;
  • “Technology is meaningless and customer centricity dead without Agile”
  • “Digital Excellence and Innovation – It’s all about the People, not the Tech”
  • “Knowledge, Passion, and Courage – Sine qua non conditions to utilizing Tech and making your Digital customers happy



SIBOS Future of Work Panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC0YI8mQSlM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR00JUGgWGhfm1effIBCj2TR3vhCQQVCREZQjYux0RNRa-3aVLPYSafQZu8

Fireside chat about People and Security: https://ytcropper.com/cropped/rR5c0a64d960449

Interview about Emotional Banking:

Money 20/20 – Emotional Banking – How to Change Culture and Leverage FinTech to Delight Customers

Webinar: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/13689/303693?utm_campaign=knowledge-feed&utm_source=brighttalk-portal&utm_medium=web

Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se3tQSaH-a0&t=839s

BBC Interview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d9aTwXlKEZbjjXsLwXeGVXg4VgvpqYnX/view?usp=sharingLatest Breaking Banks: Minute 19:50 to 43:23 – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z6VD0z1g2NXf11gz8Qx8rhwolypXJWl3/view?usp=sharing

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