Cigars And Pink Champagne For Everyone

How do you write about a new baby? It’s perhaps why birth announcements are so dreary, there’s no way to make them extraordinary enough to do the enormity of the event any justice. 

Much as I enjoy speaking about my awesome human one, this is about PeopleNotTech’s digital one. went live last week after a Herculean effort from the team.

And you know what? Our baby is ugly (well the web version is, the native is stunning). And that’s ok. Our baby is not fully cooked. And that’s fine. Our baby will change facial features many times in the near future so it’s hard to fall in love with. And that’s all right. 

Our baby will change the world though. And that’s awesome.

It won’t invent a cure for cancer but damn near it because it will heal how we work together in teams. No longer disjointed, fearful and mechanical but involved, open-hearted and human. AKA useful, innovative, productive. 

The team leader who cares -not out of sheer kindness but commercial wisdom too!- will find on the website a way to get a report on where their team is at. 

The, even more, woke team leader, will go one step further and look how they are doing all the time, take their pulse in terms of Psychological Safety on an ongoing basis with a subscription. 

They will see what changes and what needs changing. What makes them open, what keeps their engagement up, what holds them back, whether they are learning together, whether they have empathy towards one another, if they are comfortable enough to speak up or admit mistakes, if they need more from each other and if they feel truly “at home” enough to grow. See suggestions, learn how to keep an eye on the behavioral cues that best show the health of the team, learn empathy, keep positive and develop their leadership. 

And they will give their team something in return for their honesty and their answers – rewards from our partner and the occasional flash of humor from sources such as – but also, more importantly, they will give them something bigger than that: a listen. Hearing them out and truly seeking to understand them as individuals and the team as a group, is the biggest thing a team leader can do for their people and now they can truly make it a priority. 

Obviously anyone with access to a company credit card and enough concern for their team and their own skills should sign up, but if you’re reading this we know you’re an internal superhero in your own corner of the universe and a real change agent so if you think you can help us negotiate your organization so we get this in everyone’s hands do please get in touch, we can be a team to see the needle move. 

If you read nothing else have a read through some of the questions we heard while we created this: and add new ones please, we’re obsessed with feedback. In fact, so much so that I will be sending a bespoke 25% off to all of my subscribers of the Series over the next week so that you can have the product for very cheap (we’re a bootstrapping start-up not an insanely financed Silicon Valley darling, we can’t do “free”, soz) in exchange for your invested feedback so please write back with anything at all.

Retro wrapped up and epics defined it’s off to the races with a design sprint for enhancing the Emotional Intelligence Trainer and growing our ML algorithm so it’s massively exciting times ahead. 

It has taken a large village to birth this baby and a lot of these resources, linked to their names, their books, their workshops, etc are inside the software but we’re working on building an exciting community of thought leaders, advisors, and evangelists around the solution as well – people brimming with knowledge, courage, and passion who will help and guide but above all keep us honest in living the purpose.

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